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Sword "Tamaqua" : Exclusive pattern steel sword survival hard wood. Stand not included.

This blade is famous for its high hardness and rigidity, resistance to destruction, as well as excellent sharpenability, which allows you to get a sharp and strong cutting edge. In terms of cutting properties, high-quality steel is several times superior to other steel grades. The sword needs the following care: wipe dry after use, lubricate with neutral oil, store in the scabbard. The main effect is beauty, sharpness, strength and unique author's work.
• Blade : steel
• Handle : hard wood
• Scabbard : hard wood (included)
• Blade hardness : 58-60 HRC
• Total length : 510 mm.
• Blade length : 320 mm.
• Handle length : 190 mm

Exclusive pattern steel sword survival hard wood

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