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Caring for your Woodblock Print

All of our woodblock prints are shipped in acid free sleeves unless framed. Please follow the guidelines below to keep your print in good condition. 


If you do not wish to display your woodblock print, it is best to store it in an acid-free sleeve or acid-free archival paper in a drawer or cabinet, preferably made of metal. If you have several prints you may want to purchase an archival quality portfolio so that you can easily view your prints in a safe and secure way.


If you wish to frame your print, we recommend framing your woodblock print in a temporary frame with UV-reflective acrylic in an acid free sleeve.  Avoid trimming, folding, or taping your woodblock print.  


If you wish to display your print, find a place with low or infrequent light. Direct sunlight and artificial lighting will cause your print to fade, especially in older prints. Avoid displaying your print in a high humidity environment. Rotating your art occasionally is a good way to keep your prints in their best condition.


If you choose to keep your print in storage, we recommend you check on the condition of it every so often. Avoid handling prints with0ut gloves or with moist hands and try to keep your fingers to the margins.

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